What I use

Inspired by Paul Thurrott’s What I use page  and UseThis.com I decided I should do one for my site as well.

My work space.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Andy.  I’m just a geek from a small farm town of California Missouri.  I enjoy both computers and rural things.  My current job is as a support tech for a SaaS company in the Managed Print Industry.  I’m married to a wonderful woman and we have a cat.  It’s a pretty sweet life!

I’m trying to learn to code and also do some videography.

What hardware are you using?

I’ve said before I’m a Mac Fanboy on a Windows budget.  That’s a true statement, but thanks to a friend selling me his old Mini pretty cheap I’ve been able to delve into the OSX world and I love it.  But, I still need mobility so I also have a Windows computer.


  • Windows: Home build Gaming rig for iRacing and any other game I want to play.  Running Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows: Compaq Laptop 15 inch

On the mobile side I use iPhone 5S and love it.  The camera is awesome, the processor is awesome, and the retina display is awesome.  Everyone should have this phone.

I also have a Kindle 4 with Special Offers.  The Special Offers don’t bother me one bit and I love my Kindle.  It does one thing VERY well. Most of the time I want one device to rule them all but in this case I wanted something that was a one trick pony and this did for me.


A couple of external hard drives hold mine and my families back ups.

And what software?

I’m pretty boring when it comes to apps. I guess it’s the one place in my life I try to keep things simple.

I use Chrome as my browser for both Windows and Mac.  I have Firefox as a secondary browser but hardly ever fire it up.

For Wordprocessing and such I use Office 07 on my Windows machine.  Can’t seem to make the full jump to Google Docs but maybe some day.

On this domain is Google Apps for email.  It’s pretty sweet that I can have my own domain email with the power of gmail.

On iOS I have to have Twitter, Facebook,  Myfitnesspal, Pandora,  Netflix, and Reminders.  I use Reminders coupled with Siri to remind me of stuff at specific times, it’s a pretty sweet setup for me.


What would be your dream setup?

Well for one thing it would be  devoid of Windows and Mac only.

I’d have a 15 inch Macbook Pro with a SSD  and maxed out on RAM.  For at home use I’d have 2-24inch Apple Displays.

My computers are the only things I’d upgrade.  I love my phone and my Kindle.