What I use

Inspired by Paul Thurrott’s What I use page  and UseThis.com I decided I should do one for my site as well.

My work space.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Andy.  I’m just a geek from a small farm town of California Missouri.  I enjoy both computers and rural things.  My current job is as a support tech for a SaaS company in the Managed Print Industry.  I’m married to a wonderful woman and we have a cat.  It’s a pretty sweet life!

I’m trying to learn to code and also do some videography.

What hardware are you using?

I’ve said before I’m a Mac Fanboy on a Windows budget.  That’s a true statement, but thanks to a friend selling me his old Mini pretty cheap I’ve been able to delve into the OSX world and I love it.  But, I still need mobility so I also have a Windows computer.


  • ASR002 – Windows: Home build Gaming rig for iRacing and any other game I want to play.  Running Windows 7 Professional
  • Andy’s Laptop – Windows: Compaq Laptop 15 inch
  • Server – Mac:  Mac Mini from circa 2008

On the mobile side I use iPhone 5S and love it.  The camera is awesome, the processor is awesome, and the retina display is awesome.  Everyone should have this phone.

A couple of external hard drives hold mine and my families back ups.

And what software?

I’m pretty boring when it comes to apps. I guess it’s the one place in my life I try to keep things simple.

I use Chrome as my browser for both Windows and Mac.  I have Firefox as a secondary browser but hardly ever fire it up.

On this domain is Google Apps for email.  It’s pretty sweet that I can have my own domain email with the power of gmail.

On iOS I have to have Twitter, Facebook,  Myfitnesspal, Pandora,  Netflix, and Reminders.  I use Reminders coupled with Siri to remind me of stuff at specific times, it’s a pretty sweet setup for me.


What would be your dream setup?

Well for one thing it would be  devoid of Windows and Mac only.

I’d have a 15 inch Macbook Pro with a SSD  and maxed out on RAM.  For at home use I’d have 2-24inch Apple Displays.

My computers are the only things I’d upgrade.  I love my phone and my Kindle.