My G27 Pedal Mod

First time modder, please excuse the crudeness.

First time modder, please excuse the crudeness.

Over the weekend I decided to modify my G27 pedals from stock setup to a more elevated, open position.  For a long time I have not been happy with the setup of the stock pedals for a couple of reasons:

  • The stock pedals are too close together for me: I have twisted femurs and the close placement of the pedals make it hard to be comfortable while trying to left foot brake.
  • The stock pedals are too low: In an office chair I sit too high and have to place the pedals far enough away that it makes braking difficult to judge.
Stock is boring

Stock is boring

I’ve long wanted to at least use the stock base and bring the stock pedals closer to the chair instead of how they were setup on the floor.  But, to be honest the attachment to a new base was scary for me.  I’ve never been handy so I thought I couldn’t do it.

Then enter The SimPit, Shaun Cole posted a video on how to not only raise the pedals but get rid of the ugly stock base:

Shaun, does what he always does, make a complex Sim Racing problem simple by showing an easy to follow how-to video.



I watched the video a couple of times and then I decided to take apart the pedal base.  This part really scared me.  I don’t have a good track record of taking things apart and they still work.  So, I took my time, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen video of astronauts working on the Hubble Space Telescope but that’s how I felt when I was taking apart the base.  Very slow and methodical.

I went to a local hardware store and bought the nuts and bolts.  M6 nuts and bolts and spent a total of $1.25.

For the I had pre cut 2×4’s for the legs and piece of scrap wood for the base. That cost me a total of $0.


Taking the screws out took the most time.  There were about thirty screws holding the two parts of the plastic base together. But they all came out with little to no know torque which made the possibility of stripping the screw less.

The pedals themselves are self contained medal units.  Very solid.  They actually just sit in the plastic base free floating. I made a special point to mark each pedal with it’s job, gas, brake, clutch.


I screwed the 2X4’s into the base on the corners of the base.  It was a pretty simple operation.  I then marked the places where I wanted to bolt the pedals with a sharpie and drilled them

Next, I placed the pedals over the holes just drilled and screwed in the bolts in from the top going down.  Then I put the nuts on the bolts.  If you notice the clutch is not bolted down.  Over the course of two days I lost two bolts and nuts. Only me.


I took the HPD out around Watkins Glen to test out the pedals to make sure I didn’t break them in the course of modding them.

Minus the safety equipment, race seat, and race car.

Minus the safety equipment, race seat, and race car.

My position in the car was more like a driver in a real race Spring Cup car. My knees are bent and I’m attacking the pedals more how it feels like I use the pedals in my road car.  I only ran a few laps but I felt like I had to “think” less about how I’m going to push the pedal in and more about hitting my apexes. In those few laps I felt more in tuned with my steering. I know that sounds odd but I had to think less about the pedals so I was able to think more about steering.  Braking is easier and therefore I’m going to have to adjust my braking using this base because I was locking up the fronts pretty easily. Using this new mod has made my Fast Track Sims shoes more useful since there is sharp medal exposed. Plus with the wood base the shoes stick to the base where they didn’t with the plastic stock base.


  • Attach clutch pedal once I can get back to the hardware store
  • Look into Load Cell mod for brake to manage/circumvent locking
  • Disassemble and paint

Photo Credits: Amazon, RCR




My 2012 iRacing Daytona 500 ride

I went back and forth on if I was going to enter the 2012 Daytona 500 and then I finally decided that, I was, in fact going to.  I decided to since they updated the track surface to what it is now.  The old track surface was very bumpy and rough.  Very hard to drive a Cup car on.

Here is my ride:

Now usually I don’t have sponsors on my car but I decided to put The Dale Jr. Foundation on this car.  I think the car looks real good!

I ran about 50 laps last night in the open Practice sessions on the iRacing server and my car is fast.  Of course I’m not sure how fast I’ll be against the guys in my split but my car was fast as anyone I ran with.  I was able to run up high or down low and make moves in traffic.

The race starts at 5pm Local on Saturday.  It will be 500 miles.  Hopefully we have a pretty clean race and not too many cars are caught up in wrecks.  Should be fun!

Why we should blog

In the latest episode of Triangulation Leo and Tom talk to Anil Dash who some have called a protoblogger.

In the episode Mr. Dash says we should be blogging more in 2012, instead of posting on G+ or FB.  His reasoning is sound: Why put your content up on a site where you don’t have complete control over it?  G+ could close tomorrow, FB could delete your account.

While those services are great for engagement I think that really original content should be posted on ones blog, or if you hate that term, website. I’m going to try to blog more this year.  I hope I’m able to.

Here’s the vid if your interested: